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Welcome to our Blog!

Hello All!

Posted by Dawn Hampshire on 20 March, 2017

Hello All!

Hi everyone & hope you're all good! We've had a busy few months since the last blog post and thanks to everyone who's had a look at our website (extra thanks if you've bought anything from us!) If you think anything to do with the website layout is a bit rubbish please let us know cos it's very much work in progress at the moment!

It's our Boys birthday in a few days & we're under pressure to deliver a great party! For some strange reason he's decided he wants a Spongebob party, he hasn't watched the programme for ages! Oh well at least it's British stuff which is a bit cheaper!

In other news I've decided to grow a beard (This is Mike by the way, not Dawn...) It's been a month now and still looks like a stiff breeze will blow it off *insert frowny emoji here Time will tell and maybe I'll be looking like Grizzly Adams for the next post.....or maybe not lol

Work wise we've had some really cool ranges in recently, PJ Masks and Beauty and the Beast are really popular at the moment and we've managed to get hold of some Harry Potter Party items!! They're still on their way from America so hopefully will be here soon-they look amazing!!

Here's a photo of me hugging a massive Mickey Balloon, Mickey is impressed with my grizzly beard, Dawn not so much.

No-I look nothing like Dot Cottons son from Eastenders.... *sigh*

Thanks for reading, have a great day

Mike & Dawn (and Beard) xxx

The Great Hatchimal giveaway!

Posted by Dawn Hampshire on 18 November, 2016

The Great Hatchimal giveaway!

Hello everyone! Just another blog update-Dawn (my wife) bought a Hatchimal for our boy and she managed to get an extra one! We're giving this away as part of a promotion for liking our facebook page and sharing the post. We've done things like this in the past with vouchers etc & they've always gone really well. This time it's gone absolutely hatchimal crazy!

In the space of 3 days we've gone from 600 likes to about 1600! Also about 1,100 people have shared the post! My head hurts just thinking about it! (the post has reached 88k people!) just wow! Dawn needs massive credit for this as she's the brains behind this operation!

Anyway, here's a photo of me holding the said hatchimal (very carefully!!). Next time I shall not put quite so much gel in my hair (insert monkey holding face in hands emoji here), I am 37 after all....what age should you stop using it? Right on that note i'd better get back to work. If you're reading this and are one of the guys who have liked our facebook page or shared the post I just want to say a big thank you, Dawn and I really appreciate it!

Dawn and Mike xxx

10th Order received!

Posted by Mike Hampshire on 10 November, 2016

10th Order received!

Hello! Hope you're good! (does anyone read these things?) Anyway-we've been crazy busy over the last month adding so many party items to the on-line shop and trying to think of different ways to say 'This plate is amazing!' to try & keep the descriptions varied a bit!

Really happy to say that today we've received our 10th order! Maybe a small amount compared to the larger companies but for us it's a big deal as it means people are finding us in the big scary world of the internet, especially with the other big party supply companies that are around!

I think we're up to about 700 items that we've added to the on-line shop now but we've still got lots of stuff to add! We've only just opened our real life shop (we've been open around 7 weeks now) and we've already run out of space for all the ranges we want to sell!

After I've finished this i'll be adding a new 'Shimmer and Shine' range which is also pretty cool... Dawns about to leave for the school run now so i'll catch up with you later...maybe when we reach 50 orders.... fingers crossed!

Dawn and Mike xxx

Dawn doesn't like selfies :'(

First post

Posted by Mike Hampshire on 05 September, 2016

Welcome to our new website! 

More exciting blog posts coming soon!

Dawn & Mike


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